Artwork in 2008

Workshop : Let’s draw a picture on the big fabric

Title Let’s draw a picture on the big fabric
Material Fabric, acrylic paint
Person in Charge of Workshop KUBO Mari , TAKENAKA Hitomi , CHANG Yusu , MATSUSHITA Akiyo
Venue in workshop Development center CHIYODA
Description We conducted a children’s cooperative program divided into two phases where a 4 x 4m white fabric was spread out in a room and children painted on it. On the first day of the program, children firstly learned to “draw” using brushes, sponges and rollers as well as other physical tools such as their fingers, hands, and bodies. It created an opportunity for us to observe children through the behavior which was reflected in their painting. Some children ran about the whole of the fabric to paint, some didn’t move during that period and repeatedly painted the same motifs, and some found a blank unpainted white area and filled it with paint. On the second day, children created designs and drawings with crayons on the previously applied paint. They could overcome the difficulties of learning to use crayons, which they had had difficulty with in the previous drawing experience. Their work was not rough, and was good enough so everything fit together.