Artwork in 2008

Workshop : Let’s draw a picture on the T-shirt

Title Let’s draw a picture on the T-shirt
Material T-shirt, acrylic paint
Person in Charge of Workshop KUBO Mari
Venue in workshop Development center CHIYODA
Description They drew on T-shirts. They drew lines, characters, and handprints on T-shirts pinned on the canvas, using brushes, rollers, and hands. We were impressed that the children watched interestedly as the colors spread out and eventually blended with other colors in the pallet and layered paints on T-shirts as if they were talking to colors. Completed T-shirts will be used as work-clothes which children wear whenever they participate in drawing workshop in the future. This is also the hope of both the Chiyoda Developmental Center and our Project that the children will have a profound sense of solidarity when they participate in the workshop while wearing these T-shirts.