Artwork in 2008

Workshop : Let’s Draw a Picture with a Ball That Rolls

Title Let’s Draw a Picture with a Ball That Rolls
Material Ball, acrylic paints, cardboard, drawing-paper
Person in Charge of Workshop ASANO Ruriko , AMANO Irika , TAKENAKA Hitomi
Venue in workshop Development center CHIYODA
Description The picture was painted on a drawing-paper covered cardboard in which a painted ball rolls. Children were at first confused by instructions to roll the ball in the box. They, however, gradually came to notice and focused on the natural effect that when the painted ball rolls, the paper is painted on. They gradually learned how to paint with the rolling ball. It was impressive to see children proudly rolling the balls with the box raised from time to time. We prepared three different types of ball materials. Children were able to use different balls for different purposes. They blended colors with previously accumulated ones and finally completed the work which was more attractive than that made by brushes.