Artwork in 2008

Workshop : Let’s Play with Colors and Shapes of Building Blocks

Title Let’s Play with Colors and Shapes of Building Blocks
Material Wood, acrylic paint
Person in Charge of Workshop ASANO Ruriko , AMANO Irika , TAKENAKA Hitomi , NAKAGAWA Rena , MARUYAMA Naoto
Venue in workshop Development center CHIYODA
Description This workshop was designed to provide children, who usually paint on a flat surface such as drawing paper, with the opportunity to feel the depth of three-dimensional structure that can be painted in all four directions. We implemented the program to paint building blocks with water paints or color with crayons. We could observe each child’s response. One child painted with faint colors to raise the grains of wood, one carefully painted each side a different color, and one put the paint in the palm of his hand and painted a building block that he grasped with the other hand. Colored building blocks were placed on big sheets of drawing paper (200cm×230cm) that comprised drawings such as sea, railways, or other abstractions, and the blocks were arranged and combined to form a structure. The blocks completed in cooperative activities were decorated in the shapes of towers, ships and buildings to create a more outstanding and colorful atmosphere.