Active Facility


Aichi Koseiren Asuke Hospital

Located at Asuke Region in Toyota City, just at the north east side of Aichi Prefecture, as a base hospital for medical service in remote areas at intermediate and mountainous region, this hospital works for regional inter-hospital coalition medical service, with a motto of “from home care through acute phase care”.

Komaki Municipal Hospital

As the only hospital with an emergency medical center in the Owari north medical region, this hospital deals with emergency medical care in collaboration with the regional medical facilities under the following basic policies;

  • We will strive to study medical science and medical technology in order to provide an advanced medical service adequate for the foundation hospital in the region.
  • We will strive to diffuse the knowledge about cancer care and prevention to the community residents, as well as to provide a medical care for the cancer as the collaborative base hospital of cancer therapy in the Owari north medical region.
  • We will strive to provide a satisfactory medical care, with an aim to create a hospital open and reliable to the community.

(544 beds for patients)

Child Development Center Chiyoda

It is a facility where disabled infants and toddlers (0-5years old) from Meito, Moriyama, and Chiyoda wards are attending everyday. At Chiyoda, besides the daily medical rehabilitation, various other activities are carried out, such as playtime with parent, monthly swimming class with parents, seasonal events (shellfish gathering, out-of-facility events at sea and snow mountains), workshops and classes on parental care, child development, and disabilities, parents meeting, and so on.

At the child day service, established separately, weekly parent-child classroom is held for infants and toddlers with their parents up to 12 families, to seek tips on child-raising through their play. And a special activity is provided for disabled elementary school kids so that they can spend their after school hours meaningfully on Mondays, Fridays and every other Saturdays.

Child Development Center Chiyoda

Niigata Prefectural Tokamachi Hospital

It is the basic policy to provide a high quality medical service based on the secured management, with an aim to pursue an advanced medical care including emergency therapy as the core hospital in the region. For the “Dignity of Life/Reliable and Reassured Hospital”

  • We will strive to deploy a patient focused medical environment and safety management.
  • We will strive to reinforce an advanced medical service and intensify the functions of emergency medical services.
  • We will strive to make research with other medical facilities as a regional core hospital.
  • We will strive to study the gentle and compassionate hospitality and medical technology.
  • We will strive to provide a peaceful, pleasant, and comfortable medical environment.

(275 beds for patients)

National Sanatorium Oshimaseishoen

The leprosarium, established in 1909, was renamed National Sanatorium Oshimaseishoen in 1946. The government had been taken the mistaken segregation policy for patients because of social prejudice and discrimination .The Leprosy Prevention Law was abrogated in 1996 and The Basic Law on Hansen’s disease issues was put into effect in April 2009. Presently, some educational activities have been conducted in the sanatorium so that we could understand Hansen’s disease correctly and support patients’ recuperation and daily life.